Friday, September 16, 2016

Google Gravity Trick By Google

I was surfing the web and came up this post Google Gravity it was really fun trying it , all the shatter gravitational pull effect is just awesome, i wasnt able to figure out how to do it by my self instead i searched and see this post ,

Open “Google Gravity” into your address bar. to directly see the Gravity Environment by Google 😉
google gravity                                                                                                          
One more thing you can do in instant is that when you are typing “Google gravity“, a suggestion list will come below. You have to point your cursor to the right side to see option of I’m feeling lucky.

Thursday, September 8, 2016

10 stunning tricks google

Today will tel to best 10 google tricks, I was surfing the web today and we met some amazing tricks google I wanted to share with you. These tricks are not just limited to Google search, but also youtube, google reader, Google Earth and more.
You may have seen the tricks before or may not have, but this is for people who do not know these tricks. DD not want to do this too long, so I described 10 tricks, if you know of other tricks worth remembering google feel free to comment.

Google Mirror

1. Make a barrel by plane

This is one of the coolest tricks I've found. All you have to do is write is "Do a barrel roll" and see your google obey command.It does the same if you try Z or twice.

2. Tilt / Askew

Try typing "tilt" or "twisted" Google search and see the result for yourself.

3. Anagram

Typing "Anagram" in the search box asks you mean

"Nag a ram" which is nothing more than an anagram of the word anagrams.

For this trick just type "google gravity" and click gravity I feel lucky watch at work.

NOTE: This does not work in Internet Explorer.

5. Pac-Man

Do you want to play Pac Man on google. Google had already launched a Pac Man doodle, where you could actually play game.Although not visible on the search page, but more can be found here.

6. Pirate Topics

Google supports many languages ​​for her; s interface, but I noticed some of these strange and funny as "pirate", "Bork Bork Bork" based on the Swedish chef, a character from the Muppet Show "Tadeo" Hacker .. Google also provides an interface to all of you , hackers out there.

7. Chat with Meliza the Martian

To do this, you need to install Google Earth. Once installed, you need to go to Mars, which can be done by selecting View-> Explore-> Mars. Once there, you should find "Meliza" that will take her and you can actually talk to a Martian, the interesting thing is that.

8. Google Reader Ninja

This requires Google Reader. In Google Reader, you can click on the following buttons on the keyboard up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, B, A.

This sequence is actually the cheat code used in many video games Konami

9. snake Game Youtube

This is a good trick when ever you are watching a video on youtube, click the panel right after the video starts loading, then enter one of the arrow keys on your keyboard and you will be able to play the classic snake game on the screen.

10. iGoogle

There are some issues iGoogle do something strange to 3:14, and beach theme, the Loch Ness monster to your local theme, 3:14 time.In Tea House appears for 1 minute, there is a nice party in progress that moment. UFO can be seen flying in City Scape Winter Scape has northern lights, a monster appears in Spring Scape, A spider comes out to play JR, Tiger Aja has some "snow tiger, Sweet Dreams themes have Pi the sky, Galleon sails in Hong Kong.

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VShare - Installing Free Apps on iPad and iPhone

VShare - The Best (and only) alternative to Installous

A few days ago it was announced that the final death of Installous and many people caught by surprise this news. So far not made ​​public the reasons why it Installous has decided to close its doors, but whatever your users are looking for an alternative to Installous and really the best we can find today is vShare .

vShare is a software installer similar to, now deceased, Installous but somehow could consider that this is a much better application. Unlike Installous, here is no need to wait to start a download, will not even be necessary to fill those annoying capcha that sometimes seem completely indecipherable.
vshare download, vshare

How does it work?

vShare, like its competition just died, organizes applications into different categories and their use is extremely simple. Therefore we have to simply limit to search for an application and click the install button to begin the process and within seconds (or minutes, depending on the application size and speed of Internet connection you have at that time ) the application will be installed on your iPhone, iPad, iPad mini or iPod touch.

In addition to browse the different categories in search of applications, we can also use its powerful search engine. As happens in Google, uses a system of auto-complete, so it is not always necessary to write the name of the complete application, but just start typing the first few letters will show results that could match what we're looking for . A very interesting help, especially when we are not clear as the name of an application is written, but we mint as it sounds. Another interesting feature of the application is that it is able to check for updates of the applications we have installed and update them automatically if so our request.

It is also interesting to note the option that allows us to manage the applications installed on our device directly from vShare. Since the application itself we can see a list of the applications that we have installed and we can remove them easily by simply pressing a button. As easy as it will install.

VShare interface is clear and simple, possibly much simpler than that used by Installous, especially in his last days where he had become a heavy application and a little bit messy for advanced users.

How do I install it on our iPad, iPhone or iPod touch?

To install vShare in our iOS device the first step is to apply Jailbreak. So the first step is to check whether your device is compatible with this method and apply it , for it we recommend to follow closely the category over Jailbreak we keep in iPadizate to be aware of all the news about this method.

Once we have applied the Jailbreak and Cydia installed on our device must install the application to AppSync vShare can function properly. To do this we must take the following steps:

In Cydia access the Font menu.
Click on the Edit button above right.
Now the Add button at the top left appears, click on it.
In the drop-down menu we enter the URL of the repository iPhoneame:
Click on Ok and accept the warnings that show us Cydia left over the legality of the contents of this repository.
Once added to the repository, we must find the package Appsync 7 via Cydia and install it (if you do not have iOS 7 it may be necessary to install an earlier version). Once you finish installing the device will restart automatically after restarting and can continue with the installation of vShare.

The last step of the installation process is perhaps the simplest. Just we have to access the website project, click the Download / install button and follow the instructions on the screen. After a few seconds the installation is completed and you can use the tool without any complications.

Remember that developers have to charge for their work, purchase applications in the App Store

It is noteworthy that this is an application where you can find paid apps completely free . This can be very attractive to many users, but we must respect the work of developers and if that really interests us buy it on the App official Apple Store application, after all applications for iOS are not too expensive have a more than acceptable quality and the contribution we are working for the app store continues to grow in both number and quality of applications.

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